cabbages & kings ny

the compelling color combinations and patterned designs of cabbages & kings evoke a sense of whimsical play suitable for the taste of parent and child alike.

cabbages & kings is a strong supporter of fair trade and strives to build bridges between artisans of excellence and socially responsible consumers whenever possible.  all of their items are hand made by artisans that reside in central mexico and in the andean valleys of peru and bolivia. most pieces are a collaborative effort between designer Alexandra gisela and the artisans to create something based on the culture's traditional patterns and design. the artisans of south america work in collaboration with a network made up of 14 community groups, churches and non-governmental organizations that work to strengthen the capacities of local, participating institutions and base communities.

when you buy cabbages & kings knits, you help transform the lives of families in central mexico, peru, and bolivia.
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