angulus was founded in 1904 by willy madsen’s father, who had a cobbler shop on nørrebrogade in copenhagen. willy was a teacher and disagreed with the pointed shoes that many children wore at that time. he thought they were both unhealthy for growing feet and hindered natural movement. in 1928, willy astounded the danish footwear industry with his new foot-formed shoes, developed in collaboration with doctors and physiotherapists.

today, roland dawe’s son christian is behind the development of the company. the shoes are designed in denmark and manufactured in portugal, where 130 dedicated shoemakers run the factory. every season, they send beautiful shoes out into the world and onto the shelves of the best shops. here, the quality-conscious customer can venture out into the world in angulus shoes, that are not only beautiful to look at but also offer unparalleled comfort whether walking or standing still.

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