Toys and Activities for Endless Summer Fun!

Summer’s coming - which means even more screen time battles are brewing. Ugh! Well, fear not, we have an amazing selection of toys and activities to keep the kiddos entertained without any screens involved - hours and hours of “good ol’ fun”! The stuff summer dreams are made of. 

Petit collage combines fun ideas, a sustainable ethos and great design to create products that keep both kids and adults happy! with a focus on designing with the health of our children, and the planet in mind, petit collage strives to make their products beautiful and fun in equal measure. Their magnetic play sets are perfect for travel. But their wooden toys, like the animal bowling set and push along whale are equally entertaining. Our top pick: their “busy ideas for bored kids” card sets. Great to have on hand when the inevitable “I’m bored!!!” cry begins.

petit collage toys

Janod’s specialty is wooden toys that empower kids’ imaginations. Their toys have a quirky design element that makes them unique, and may be why they’re regularly awarded prizes for their creativity and their sturdiness. Having been in the business for over 40 years, they’re experts in what they do. Our top pick: the horse ring toss game. A great choice for a beach day or backyard, but works just as well inside!

Parisian brand OMY has always been known for products that encourage a child’s artistic side. But lately, they’ve branched out their product line to include items sure to bring out a child’s self-expressive side. They’ve been flying off our shelves! Tattoos, nail stickers and earrings - all with fun, bold themes. Dinos, kawaii, unicorns, surf & skate. Guaranteed to delight any kid. But our top pick is actually their magic water placemats. Art that keeps them at the table AND is mess-free? We’re sold.

We may be a little biased, but we think mom-based brands are the best! Little Larch is one such brand, launched as a home-kitchen experiment by a mom who wanted to know what was in the products her kids were playing with, and - all too frequently - putting in their mouths… She has grown it into a company passionate for creating natural sensory play materials parents can feel good about giving to their kids and putting back into the planet. Made in Calgary, Canada with plant-based ingredients and biodegradable glitter, their potion play “spell” packs combine thoughtful ingredients with a targeted affirmation to help littles find the fun in life’s little challenges. Cast a spell for bravery, calm, or our top pick: silly. 

Earth Grown is another mom-driven brand, begun in response to a daughter’s sensory issues and a quest to find a sensory-friendly playdough alternative. Made in the USA, Earth Grown’s “KidDough” is free of toxic ingredients and can last over a year. But not only are their play kits safe, they’re also fun, colorful, and smell good. The kits come in a variety of adorable options, including puppy beach party, space, and our favorite - lemonade. They contain the dough as well as themed play pieces and fun additions like “sprinkles”, all in a compact travel-friendly container. Great for hours of interactive activity! 

Tender leaf toys has quickly become a fan favorite with their adorable wooden toys that combine creative design with lovable characters - from the otters on a river boat to the penguin gelato truck. They’re play sets you can feel good about, not just because they’re cute, but because they’re also made with the highest quality of standards. A family-run factory, they are deeply committed to protecting natural resources and only work with reclaimed rubber wood (a by-product of the latex industry). Plus, for every reclaimed tree they use, they plant a new one, driving ahead the cycle of regeneration. They have earned the ICTI ethical toy program seal of approval for their ethical and sustainable supply chain. With this brand, it’s too hard to pick our top choice - we want them all!

tender leaf toys kodomo boston 

And last but not least for our summer fun round up - Bottleblond's DIY craft kits that let you design your very own jewelry. As a brand that values creative self-expression and individuality, their themed kits help kids tap into their creativity and imagination and ensure that they’ll end up with unique, one of a kind pieces. The kits allow for 6-8 final pieces of jewelry, making them an ideal activity to do with friends. Plus, they’re handmade in the US. What’s not to love!? The kit themes are super fun. For animal lovers there's crazy for cats and puppy love, for those who won't get too hungry - foodie and gummy bear, and our personal favorite - beach.

Wishing you a summer full of wholesome fun! 

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