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Behind Mini Rodini is female leader, Cassandra Rhodin, who is the main owner of the brand. Cassandra started the company in 2006, and Mini Rodini was born and raised according to her vision, to make high quality clothes that kids love to wear, without compromising on environmental and social aspects of production. She has artistic control and is involved in the overall business strategy from designing collections, shooting the campaigns and developing the storytelling of the brand. 


Mini Rodini’s vision is to become the first choice for the conscious parent and gift buyer by providing a high quality product with unique design, while being a leader in sustainability standards with their ambitious sustainability agenda. Their initiatives and goals make it easy and fun to buy childrenswear that has the lowest possible impact on people and our planet.


 Note from Cassandra Rhodin Founder & Creative Director

"The clothing industry is a very dirty business as we all know by now. One of the worst industries of all. Heavy on chemical use, slave labor, and has a huge impact on people and our planet. Our promise at Mini Rodini is to try our best to be the most sustainable option, and we are not compromising with quality nor design. We also demand the same standards from our partners, meaning that sometimes they have to develop and push their work with better production in order to be able to work with us. As long as we produce a much better product than what’s on the conventional market, I feel like Mini Rodini has a reason to exist. As an independent company we have the ability to hold tight to our core values. We believe we have the power to change and we lead our company in the direction towards the future we wish for."

  /Cassandra Rhodin, Founder & Creative Director  



  • Launch of second hand platform
  • Only certified fabrics in garments
  • 98% of fibers were certified, organic or recycled sourced
  • 25% of our store sales came from the Treasures concept, including 770 repaired pieces
  • 1.8 tons of fabric saved in our 2023 upcycling collections, more than 18 tons in total
  • Living wage program for the 9th year
  • Third year in a row we mapped out our climate impact - the most extensive yet

With rising conflicts across the world, increasing inflation and more apparent signs of the climate crisis, Mini Rodini’s focus on sustainability has been more important than ever. Looking back at 2023, it was an eventful year for Mini Rodini within sustainability.

An exciting business development Mini Rodini made was the decision to create a Sustainability Department and recruit a Head of Sustainability to make sure they could uphold their sustainability standards whilst simultaneously working to meet future ambitions.

This year the brand has started to measure their fiber usage in a more stringent way in order to set the bar even higher going forward. For the third year in a row, they’ve mapped out their climate impact and with the new sustainability department in tow, they’re able to include further aspects of the business in their measurements which will create a more accurate picture of Mini Rodini’s environmental footprint. During the coming year the company will detail a roadmap of how they can lower carbon emissions going forward using their Sustainable Development Goals. This involved partnering with various organizations and missions such as the Swedish Chemical group, Fair Wear members and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Mini Rodini’s Sustainable Development Goals and Mapping

“Looking ahead to 2024 we see a lot of opportunities and challenges that we will take on. We see that the world has set a higher standard for companies with new legislations in several countries, including the EU. We welcome these new directions, and hope this will lead to stronger regulations of the textile industry overall. With the new sustainability department in place, we will set new, even higher sustainability goals and roadmaps, to build on all the work we have already done. We recognize that this will require a lot of effort and new thinking from the whole organization, but we are excited to elevate our ambitions and set a plan for how we can reach it together. “


/Klara Helmbold, Head of Sustainability 

/Elin Lindén, Sustainability manager






Mini Rodini’s Sustainable Development Goals and Mapping

In 2015 the United Nations identified 17 Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) as a part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. By setting these goals, the UN set a clear direction for what we all need to prioritize in order to develop in a way that is sustainable for our planet, all living creatures and people. 

As a global clothing company Mini Rodini recognizes that they have an important part to play in reaching these goals and have integrated the SDGs into their sustainability strategy to help develop programs & initiatives and guide our business operations with the specific SGDs as a priority. 

If the impact the fashion industry has on the environment is something you prioritize when making your purchasing decisions, then Mini Rodini is a brand you should have on your radar as a company spearheading initiatives to reduce carbon footprints and negative impacts on the climate in the fashion industry.

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