q&a with kids fashion influencer prince & the baker

summer has finally arrived and we are beyond thrilled. time for all of the outdoor activities and endless melty ice pops. we recently had a chance to catch up with keira and mr.p from @princeandthebaker to see how they like to spend their summer days and how their journey on instagram began: 

q: you guys are like the OG’s of instagram. how did it all begin? 

  a:  i literally feel like we have been at this for so long. since the spring of 2014. we started really casually snapping photos of p’s ootd before he would get on the school bus, which quickly morphed into being asked to guest blog on free and wild child and ministyle blog. two years later we started our own fashion blog called "styling the prince" which showcases the best in kids fashions and our adventures as mom and son. 

 q: that’s really amazing, we love mr.p’s style. how do you go about choosing his looks? or does he pick his outfits? 

 a: it’s a real collaborative effort. i definitely play the role of stylist, but he has a huge say in what he wears. i'd have to say that in most cases I want everything in his wardrobe! 

q: what are some of his favorite things to wear?

a: to be honest he loves easy, cozy pieces that he can just throw on and go! a jumpsuit is always a good idea!

q: what are some of your favorite brands these days? how has his style changed over the years? 

a: we have been long time fans of cult favorites like bobo choses and mini rodini. we have also been loving the uber cool brand nununu! Tthey really understand what kids and parents want . fabulous modern designs that are comfy and easy to wear and the best quality. 

q: summer is here! how will you guys spend it? 

a: we usually head to NH for the summer but will stay close to home. lots of time by the pool and most definitely lots of ice creams! perhaps a few trips to NY for some fun in the city! 

thank you keira and mr.p for giving us your insight on kids fashion!  we love your style and seeing your posts on instagram.  follow along with prince and the baker's instagram adventures here

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