a worldly wardrobe

my family and i travel internationally maybe once or twice a year during school breaks and when work schedules permit.  when we do embark on a new adventure, packing all the kids stuff is my least favorite thing to do!  so i asked mom, writer, and traveller extraordinaire, beka shane denter to share what's in her kiddos travel wardrobe.  read beka's post below:


"a worldly wardrobe" by beka shane denter 


it’s 11:30 a.m. i’m surrounded by a sea of traffic, blaring horns, and a never-ending stream of ‘80’s ballads blaring from the radio. i’m sitting in the backseat of our family car, while our driver felipe takes the wheel. i’m grateful for felipe. most important, he is a kind soul. and also important, he helps ease our lives here in manila, where we currently live with our two young daughters. i love to drive, but not in these conditions. as I attempt to blur out manila – a city confused by its own chaos – i scroll through instagram – my go-to visual escape.


and there it is – the ultimate kids fashion post. super cool, eye-catching, colourful images showcasing clothing designers & mini models from around the world. welcome to kodomo, the unique and creative clothing boutique founded by jasmine – a woman whose love of everything fashion is evident in every post and product she carries in her boston brick and mortar stores.


jasmine and i connected on social media because we have a few things in common – we have both lived in japan; i lived in boston where her life and stores are located; she’s filipina and I now live in the philippines. we’re both passionate mothers who love our kids and support sustainable fashion. i had to learn more about this brand because it was the answer to my ongoing conundrum when packing up our lives to move across the world – what to wear?


we’ve moved five times in thirteen years. each country and climate required vastly different wardrobe essentials. over time I’ve learned that quality trumps quantity. i have two girls who like their mother, have a very specific style preference for what they will and won’t wear. i want items that are well made, fun and allow my girls to express who they are. kodomo carries a variety of styles and a roster of international designers, which appeals to my global mindset. with kodomo, it’s easy to build a quality kids wardrobe that will take us from tokyo to boston.


we travel a lot. while in transit, leggings and t-shirts are easy, practical and comfortable. the mini rodini swallows leggings in pink or the mar mar copenhagen lisa breeze leggings in sheer rose paired with an eye-catching atsuyo et akiko papillons crew tee is perfect for fifteen-hour flights. for the everyday i’m drawn to dresses by bonton, whose 100% cotton designs work in any climate as they can be worn alone or paired with leggings or a long sleeve t-shirt for cooler temperatures. beach vacations require minimal clothing – a ruffled number from little creative factory and a motoreta sun hat fit the bill. an easy breezy sundress and strappy leather pom d'api sandals take my kids from beach to an in-town adventure. and for dressing up – the whimsical creations from tutu du monde are fabulous as are the bohemian inspired pieces by bonheur du jour.


no matter where our family will journey to next, clothing from kodomo will be a part of the pack up.



beka shane denter is a canadian features and content writer currently based in ottawa, canada.

she has used her knowledge, passion and nomadic lifestyle to fuel her career as a writer. this has led to several inspiring collaborations with publications including ELLE canada, BUST, women’s surf style magazine, MindBodyGreen, today’s parent, and the inertia.  

beka’s experience with different platforms demonstrates her capacity to adapt to a brand's style and voice. a natural understanding of reader's and consumer interests shows she is capable of confidently taking on diverse assignments.

beka holds a bachelors of arts in english and a master’s in teaching and is working towards a certificate in web writing & social media communication. she is forever in search of the perfect pair of jeans.



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