veja small v-10 velcro chromefree sneakers multico petale white

$ 110.00

veja small v-10 velcro sneakers in chromefree multicolor petale white. these leather trainers feature a flexible non-slip rubber sole, perforated toe box for added breathability and velcro fastening for easy on-off. veja crafts eco-friendly sneakers built with a chemical-free leather upper and sustainably sourced organic cotton. trimmed with suede at the heel and the brand's signature V logo print, it's all about the details on these!

upper: chromefree leather

panels: chromefree leather and suede

logo: amazonian rubber (26%), mineral silica (22%), synthetic rubber (14%) and others (38%)

insole: bio-based E.V.A.* (55% sugar cane), organic cotton (19%) and others (12%)

outsole: amazonian rubber (31%), mineral silica (31%), synthetic rubber (19%) and others (19%)

lining: tech (100% recycled polyester)

straps: chromefree leather 

made in a fair trade usa certified factory


made in brazil

Kodomo sources styles that define luxury not by labels but with design, process, and intent. Read more about our approach to sustainable fashion here.

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