fluffles: the brave koala who survived a bushfire

$ 15.99

in this new series, based on real-life animal tales, discover that not all heroes wear capes – some have four legs, a wet nose, and a brave heart. big or small, fall in love with animal friends who have lived truly wild lives.

read about fluffles, the koala, who held strong through the bushfires in south australia with bravery. as flames burned below her, she fled to the very top of a tree, and held on firm for her life until the flames eventually receded.

badly burned but still alive, fluffles was rescued by humans, who tended to her wounded paws. while she healed she found other koalas to snuggle up with. their cuddles for one another helped make the whole outback feel better. hugs were an act of heroism!

this heartwarming story has a fact section at the back, so you can learn more about koalas and how you can help them. adorable illustrations from rachel qiuqi will make you want to hug the page.

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