bajo hive wooden blocks

$ 55.00

bajo hive wooden blocks is a set of 30 hexagonal wooden blocks representing parts of a honeybee colony. each block has a dowel and holes to slot them together to form 3D honeycomb structures for learning about honey bees.

this is a great educational toy for learning about the structure of a beehive and the importance of bees as pollinators. each member of the hive has a very specific role to play and this set of blocks will introduce children to the key players in this fascinating family. there are yellow blocks to represent the cells that hold honey, worker bees on natural beech wood, eggs, larvae, drones (male bees) and the queen on a red hexagon. children will love exploring the different actions within the hive, learning about beekeeping and the importance of protecting our precious pollinators.

the 3D puzzle is perfect for exploring problem solving and creative thinking with many possibilities for learning through play. sustainably made from beech and sycamore and painted with certified non-toxic water based inks.

recommended for ages 3y+

made in poland 

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