the animals observatory pre fall 2021

Stating the obvious: We are loving The Animals Observatory's Pre-Fall 2021 collection! In typical TAO fashion, the collection is filled with retro inspired prints and fun colors that are perfect for mixing and matching. Creating non-gender defining styles combined with soft, natural fabrics with playful prints earns The Animals Observatory the admiration it deserves season after season.

Take a peek at what you will find from TAO Pre-Fall 2021 at kodomo!

The Animals Observatory Pre Fall 2021
TAO Bear Kids Sweatshirt PreFall 21
TAO Scorpion Blouse Pre Fall 2021
TAO Arty Bat Kids Vest Pre Fall 2021
TAO Penguin Leggings Pre Fall 2021
TAO tortoise kids dress
TAO Tortoise Kids dress
TAO Racoon Cardigan Pre Fall 2021
TAO Tortoise Dress
TAO Hamster Kids Hat
TAO Bear Kids Sweatshirt
TAO Scorpion Shirt
TAO Emu Pants
TAO Elephant Kids Pants

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