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the iconic collection by bobo choses

Bobo Choses has always been and always will be known for its responsible approach to producing kids fashions, with special attention to their social and environmental footprint.  What we love so much about Bobo, aside from their fun kids collections, is that they continuously improve their production processes to achieve complete sustainability.

For the last two years, Bobo Choses has been working on a special innovation project to expand their overstock materials’ lifecycle. Thanks to research, development, and innovation, Bobo Choses has launched a permanent collection made with recycled, up-cycled, and natural materials that rescues the most iconic and beloved prints and patterns in the brand’s history.  A true delight for Bobo Choses lovers.




Bobo Choses Iconic Collection

it's recycled.

The collection is the result of 2 years of innovation. Manufactured clothes from old collections as well as used cotton are processed into a pulp that is then converted into new fibers to create yarn and fabrics.

it's upcycled.

Part of the Bobo Choses Iconic Collection reuses materials and threads from past collections to create new products. Scraps generated at the production stage are donated to a local recycling and reuse foundation.

it's natural.

Bobo Choses uses only natural dyes, which is up to 400 times less harmful to climate change than conventional dyeing, and all the products involved in the process come from natural sources.

Bobo Choses Sustainable Kids Collection

Since its beginnings, Bobo Choses has always been committed to creating sustainable fashion for kids. With the Iconic Collection, Bobo Choses continues to strive to towards being even more earth friendly than ever before.

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