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many parents think that when they begin the hunt for new clothing for their children, finding sustainable clothing manufacturers is one thing too many to add to their to-do list. sourcing sustainable children’s clothing manufacturers is rewarding work, however, and it’s getting easier to do every day. within the past few years, sustainable clothing brands have been popping up all over the place. children’s clothing is no exception.

more and more companies are offering sustainable clothing options because, as a whole, our society is starting to realize how important this is for the future. while “fair trade” or “green” manufacturers used to be few and far between, sustainable clothing for children has become a more viable option for consumers seeking an alternative to mass-produced "fast fashion".

knowing that consumers are increasingly conscious regarding environmental issues, the term “sustainable” has been tacked onto many products and services. it’s important to understand what this term means to us as consumers.

this word has been applied to brands that offer products that are organic, eco-friendly, vegan, handmade, or natural-made, just to name a few. a brand might also call themselves sustainable if they have a specific social cause to which they donate products and/or profits.

at kodomo, we are passionate about supporting sustainable clothing brands. we have taken time to meet with each of our designers to understand their production process and to look into their business practices. most sustainable clothing brands will be transparent about their practices and offer the public plenty of information on what makes their brand a good choice. when a clothing brand claims to be sustainable, it is up to them to go the extra mile by educating their potential customers on how their brand is making a difference in the world.

as parents, we want the best for our kids, but also for the world they will grow up in.  strictly purchasing sustainable clothing can seem idealistic and by no means achievable 100% of the time.  but as we strive for a better world, it's the thoughtfulness in our actions that will move us along that path.

xx, jasmine

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