fresh made simple: recipes by lauren k. stein

we all have that mom crush - admit it, you do too!  mine happens to be chef and author extraordinaire, lauren stein.  we met at our childrens' preschool and immediately clicked.  here's why i love her: we both love to cook and lauren has an appreciation for fresh meals, made simply.  not to mention that she's an incredible mother, and chock full of good juju with all that volunteer work she does for our school :)

we recently hosted an event with lauren at kodomo.  if you haven't had a chance to pick up her beautifully illustrated cookbook, "fresh made simple", run (don't walk!) and get it.  she will transform your weeknight meals like no other.  

lauren shares one of her go-to quick and easy recipes for our latest blog.  read on and get inspired.... because i know what i will be making and eating all week!  check out lauren's webpage here


leek corn & egg bake recipe - by lauren k. stein

you don’t have to be an expert in the kitchen to make a meal that’s delicious, healthy, and satisfying for everyone at the table. and you don’t need to shop at six different stores to get all your ingredients either. the great thing about locally-sourced, fresh ingredients is that they taste great without much extra effort from you. a few chops and you’re done. it’s hard to go wrong with fresh, natural products.

eggs are one of my favorite, easy, healthy weeknight dinners.  and, they tend to be a crowd pleaser.  plus, if you have a picky eater in the house, it's easy to make a plain batch of scramble eggs while you are whipping up a more dressed up version for the rest of the family.

this leek corn egg bake is one of my favorites.  it's full of fresh corn (or frozen!), creamy and tangy goat cheese and leeks, which are mild but still full of flavor. the best part about egg dishes is once you get a basic recipe down for the base, you can substitute any ingredients you want. i use 5 eggs and a 1/4 cup of whole milk, which usually fits a normal pie pan, then i fill it up with veggies and cheese.  add some meat if you like. scallions are great to toss in with green beans or broccoli and cheese or shredded salmon with cheddar and spinach.  the combos are endless.  you can even toss some cooked pasta into your egg bake if you like.

late season corn is just about done for the season, but for my veggies I try to shop at my local farmers market in copley or the boston public market.  the siena farms shop not far from kodomo has leeks and cheese and butter on hand, everything you need for an easy weeknight egg bake. plus, their selection of other veggies is tremendous. 

for more recipes like this – they’re fun and easy to do, whatever you think of your skills in the kitchen – get your copy of fresh made simple – your guide to enjoying fresh food that you and your family will love.

lauren k. stein will be at kodomo on sunday november 6th!

excerpted from fresh made simple (c) lauren k. stein. illustrations by (c) katie eberts. used with permission of storey publishing.

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