Newborn Gifting & Nursery Decor by Atelier Choux Paris

Atelier Choux is a French lifestyle brand for families focused on interior design. Their “Maison” was founded in 2016 with a focus on babies and children, with products for adults and the entire family launching in 2021.

Atelier Choux’s instantly recognizable aesthetic is inspired by Hotel Particulier and Haussmannian buildings in Paris, with a hint of tongue-in-cheek humor. Elaborate architecture, simple charismatic animals, fanciful crests and hot air balloons are recurring themes.

With a passion for depicting building facades, Atelier Choux has now worked with several of the world’s most iconic hotels and landmarks on entirely bespoke collections, including the Hôtel de Crillon in Paris, the Château de Versailles and the Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

atelier choux baby gifts and nursery decor kodomo boston

From The City of Love

Give the gift of love with one of our Paris themed pieces from Atelier Choux. See above the paris and tapestry carrés. Stay on theme with the paris or duck bib. With such intricate detail you could play a game of "eye spy" or admire charismatic characters strolling the streets of Paris alongside the iconic Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum.

atelier choux baby gifts and nursery decor kodomo boston


Give Your Nursery a French Fix

Atelier Choux’s multi-purpose carrés are an elegant everyday essential, for both new and seasoned parents, at home in the nursery or out-and-about during the day. Carrés were the first product and represented the brand’s vision to create an everyday, elegant essential, one that is also perfect for gifting. The matching in bloom bibs and carrés can be found in a pink or blue colorway. Whether you're welcoming your own child to the world or celebrating for someone else, these refined yet playful pieces make for a wonderful baby present. 

Carrés can be used as a light blanket, to change a baby’s diaper on the go, to create some shade or privacy while breastfeeding, for swaddling, as a tummy time blanket, to protect your shoulder when holding. They also serve as a collectible piece of art, for the whole family to enjoy. Add a whimsical touch to your baby's room with a carré folded over a rocking chair or crib. 

The signature cotton weave was developed specifically for Atelier Choux alongside an eco-certified factory in France, in order to create an ultra-soft, breathable and absorbable fabric that serves as the perfect backdrop to showcase our prints. We love how Katie at The Style Avenue framed her blue in bloom carré in her son’s nursery. Check it out here and see how versatile these pieces truly are. The intricate and detailed illustrations can fit with almost any themed nursery as well. They don't just stop at Parisian landmarks, find beautiful landscapes of nature and playful circus designs with all sorts of animal friends!

atelier choux baby gifts and nursery decor kodomo boston

The Story Behind The Swaddle

It all started when an earnest engineer and a visionary architect set out to construct something that would rival the famous Eiffel Tower. The first Ferris wheel, named after George Washington Gale Ferris Jr., was built in Chicago in 1893. George Washington Gales Ferris Jr. who was a structural engineer from Pittsburgh, proposed the idea of ​​the Ferris wheel to Daniel Burnham, the lead architect of the Chicago fair. Reaching heights of 264 feet, the original Ferris wheel offered fairgoers a 10-to-20-minute ride unlike they’ve ever experienced before. Views overlooking Lake Michigan and the outskirts of the city drew in crowds of people excited to feast their eyes on a bird’s eye view of Chicago.

The merry-go-rounds have been a recognizable amusement park ride since the early 1800’s. Paris is the promised land of carousels. The city of lights has over 30 permanent carousels for kids to have fun with on a daily basis. Carousels are an important part of Paris’ scenery. This is why Atelier Choux has included a Carousel print in their collection. The colorful, whimsical carousel print is one of the best sellers of the brand.


With all production in France, their processes are environmentally and socially conscious and conform to the highest European standards.

“Our carrés are made in a family owned factory in France, one of the very few that has managed to remain competitive, due to its innovative approach and simultaneous respect for traditional techniques. About 250+ individuals are involved to some level in the production of Atelier Choux products, across fabric engineers, seamstresses and printing experts.

We start with GOTS certified organic cotton in order to ensure a base free from chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Organic cotton fiber is also thicker, feels softer (due to less chemical damage during growth) and hypo-allergenic compared to conventional cotton fibers. Organic cotton also consumes half the level of water during production. Organic cotton fibers are also bleached with safe peroxide instead of chlorine bleach. Our cotton is safe for those who wear it but also for those who grow it.

Further down the production chain, our fabrics are tested with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I method that certifies the absence of harmful substances.

The cotton we use is certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) by Eco-Cert, which ensures the organic status of textiles from harvesting of the raw materials, through manufacturing responsible for a socially and environmental. This certification applies in our case to the spinning operations, sizing, weaving, tailoring, bleaching, washing, scraping and drying.

The inks we use are water-based and therefore are safe for babies.

Our packaging is manufactured in France and is 100% recyclable.”

Quality standards are hugely important to us at kodomo and in knowing that Atelier Choux upholds these practices in the production of their products we are proud to work alongside such a great brand. Shop our best selling baby gifts from the Atelier Choux Paris collection here!

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