mini rodini's inspiring commitment to sustainability

with the fashion industry being the second largest polluter in the world, it’s time to shed light on those who are committed to making a positive change.

mini rodini is a swedish children's clothing brand created in 2006 by cassandra rhodin. the brand takes pride in creating clothes with a flair for style and playfulness for kids around the world. while it may seem simple to purchase their clothing, the production behind it is anything but. each peace is carefully crafted without compromising social, ethical, and environmental aspects of production.

the company's inspiring commitment to sustainability is evident through every aspect of their brand. mini rodini even goes as far as offering free on-line sustainable lessons, focusing on the importance of protecting the environment and the use of organic cotton.

choosing to buy sustainably produced products can have a positive impact on our environment. because manufacturing of clothing continues to have an impact on the environment, it’s time we do our best to make the right choices.

to view mini rodini's kids fall collection click here or visit us at one of our 3 boston locations!

mini rodini children's clothing boston. free shipping

mini rodini new kids collection - organic children's clothing

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mini rodini new kids clothes fall winter collection - available at kodomo boston - free shipping

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