bobo choses autumn winter 2018-19: the happysads

with summer coming to a close, it is the perfect time to start thinking fall, and more specifically, what you and your littles will be wearing. the new bobo choses aw '18-19 collection, 'the happysads" is exactly where you need to start looking!

the creative and stylish spanish brand bobo choses came to life in 2008 by designer adriana esperalba, several years after working as an art director in barcelona. what started as a mini collection of t-shirts soon turned into something much more. each collection is based off of a book, photo, or even a song, but adriana says her true inspiration comes from having kids of her own.

the new bobo choses happysads 2018 collection is inspired by children and their way of expressing confusing emotions. at times it can be difficult for littles to identify thieir feelings, or even express them. instead, they show their feelings through temper tantrums or having meltdowns. this collection is a representation of those feelings from happy to sad.

bobo choses continues their commitment to sustainability, and this new collection consists of 66% organic and recycled fabrics. bobo choses is also one of the many fashion brands participating in ECAP, a project that focuses on the clothing supply chain, specifically to reduce waste and bring about effective waste recovery.

kodomo couldn't be more thrilled to present you with bobo choses' happysads collection! checkout the pictures below to get an exclusive look bobo choses happysads!

bobo choses happysads rainbow flounce dress

bobo choses the happysads jumper

bobo choses baggy trousers and cars rib t-shirt happysads

bobo choses confetti fleece dress hapysads

bobo choses tulle dropped waist dress the happysads


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