kids for climate change

sustainability & our impact on the planet 

with kodomo boston 

in the news: the ever changing climate & greta thunberg

if you know us, you know that here at kodomo we love to have fun, but we take our mission very seriously. 

kodomo translates to "child" in japanese, but kodomo means so much more. 

we're talking slow fashion, sustainability, fair trade. we proudly carry all ethically-produced products.  not only are we creating a sustainable future for our children, but pushing them to understand the impact they have on the planet. 

children are the future and we celebrate their knowledge and efforts to make a change. 


in most recent news, we see 16 year old greta thunberg speaking out on the danger our earth is facing in the current climate. 


a change is needed immediately to save the earth. 

for now we can be conscious of things that affect our environment. no single-use plastic, being sure to shop sustainably, and of course, slow fashion. 





excerpt from 

kodomo x indikidual - Q & A  interview on the company's trip to their factories in india

Q:  Has this trip made you feel closer to the brand/importance behind  fair trade brands?

A: "Definitely, I often think about moving production to a factory closer to home but having met the people in India I think it would be hard for me to do that now. The factory owner has children a bit older than mine and I love hearing how they are getting on and often think of the effect the manufacturing industry has on their lives. It's about creating a balance, not over producing but keeping the factory busy but in the right way, i.e., using organic yarns and PH neutral dying techniques so the environmental impact is limited."



the bonnie mob believes it is of the most importance to know and understand where your clothes come from.




since 2004, the bonnie mob has worked closely with employees based in their factories. from talented pattern makers to the hardworking security staff, all employees are provided with living wages in a safe workplace. 

you can shop the bonnie mob at kodomo boston now. 


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