indikidual AW19 ||featuring: Q&A on their trip to india

indikidual AW19: Yeti ski camp

an autumn winter lookbook by kodomo boston 

featuring: indikidual's trip to india 

indikidual is proud to announce all the cotton used in their clothing is 100% organic.









indikidual trip to india 

indikidual took a trip to india to check in on the production of their new fall line. 

 at kodomo, we were lucky enough to conduct a question & answer interview with syreeta johnson, the creator of indikidual.

Q: Why is indikidual so passionate about sustainability and creating clothing in a responsible way? 

A: "From the moment I had the idea of starting a brand I knew It had to have sustainability at the heart. I have worked in the fashion industry for many years, mostly for large high st chains and always tried to push towards organic cotton and responsible production but it was always difficult to get my ideas passed by the big bosses. Also, I felt for children's wear, its so important that the clothing is made in a way that looks out for their future."

Q:  Can you tell us about the working conditions in indikidual's factory/workspace in India? Do the workers appreciate you visiting and checking in?

A: "It is always fun when we come and visit, I usually bring my two children who they all adore! We have a bit of a language barrier but it's always overcome with lots of sign language and smiles. My children always wear indikidual and employees love seeing the clothes they have made being worn."

Q: Was it an eye opening experience for both you, and your children to see the production process first-hand during your visit to India?

A: "I first started going to India with my previous job so had already seen a range of factories but for the children, it has been a great experience learning where their clothes come from. It’s always fascinating to see the workmanship and care that goes into each garment from the printing through to the pressing."

Q:  Has this trip made you feel closer to the brand/importance behind  fair trade brands?

A: "Definitely, I often think about moving production to a factory closer to home but having met the people in India I think it would be hard for me to do that now. The factory owner has children a bit older than mine and I love hearing how they are getting on and often think of the effect the manufacturing industry has on their lives. It's about creating a balance, not over producing but keeping the factory busy but in the right way, i.e., using organic yarns and PH neutral dying techniques so the environmental impact is limited."

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