gray label fw20 lookbook & a conversation with emily gray

gray label: an interview with emily gray and a look at the aw20 collection 

the softest pieces and colors come together for another season of gray label styles. a kodomo fav, widely loved by our kodomo littles & their parents - and of course our team - gray label's autumn/winter 2020 is one of the coziest and chicest collections. 

the aw20 collection is called "peanut," as it is the lead color this season. it is  "classic layering with an earthy and light shaded nut-brown at the core." 

excerpts from the gray label aw20 press release:

"led by the colour peanut, an earthy and light shaded nut-brown, the warming colours mustard, rustic clay and nearly black invite the little minimalist to feel sheltered without loosing a clean and smart appearance."

" ...essential styles and accessories are executed in striped color combinations, providing to mix classy with easy and neat with a little naughty." 

founded by emily gray in 2011, the brand has been and continues to be seen worldwide as a pioneer in sustainable production and have a pronounced opinion on products for children: the more space for the child’s unconditioned character, the better. gray label is also 100% organic and gots certified, so you can feel good about dressing your kodomo littles in these beautiful, minimalistic pieces.

as a small business, kodomo takes pride in the relationships that have been built with our designers & brands. we know where our styles are sourced & the process behind the design. 

we are so thankful to learn more about the history of the brands we carry, as we are always looking to share these fun & inspirational interviews with our kodomo littles & parents. 

it was so great to hear from emily gray about gray label and gray label's story:

q: what separates gray label from other children's brands?

 a: no teddies, prints or "screamy colours!" i believe that in a simple, but perfect fitting t-shirt or hoodie, a child can be the most comfortable, and that’s when its purity emerges best. 

q: what does being an ethical clothing brand mean to you? 

a: being ethical in my opinion is about taking responsibility and to care about the future of the planet. it’s not difficult to be aware of the effects that we, as a fashion industry have on the environment, or how people that work throughout the production chain are treated. so much more information is accessible now. what may be a challenge is to keep on acting on it and dare to take risks, but thankfully much more options to become truly sustainable are available. we are a GOTS certified company and our efforts are focussed on making organic durable, timeless quality. we stay away from trends and never go on sale. i am happy to see that more and more people stand up towards fast-fashion and start to appreciate and demand for ‘ethical’ products. 

q: can you tell us a bit about the creative process? 

a: haha, hard to tell where it exactly begins… we work with a year-round essential collection and a continuing colour palette, but every season we create a few new designs and add a new colour. this colour should be refreshing but also in line with the soft tones we’ve always been using. i never look at trends, i have 3 kids now and they inspire me the most, and i get ideas from traveling, art and magazines. i can see a colour that touches me and think: oh this may be something for the future. 

q: what was the main inspiration for creating gray label? 

a: when i had my first child, i ‘naturally,' opened my eyes for kids clothes and products for the first time. i noticed what i liked for him, and honestly, it is similar to what i like for myself. i get touched by beautiful, timeless pieces, that are authentic, with an expression of sobriety and calmness. but for kids, none of this was available in the netherlands. this made me think…why not create what isn’t here yet? and then of course, creating as eco-friendly as possible was key. 

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