bobo choses commitment

"let's put a smile on earth's face" 

bobo choses' social & environmental footprint

at kodomo, our commitment to the earth is the first thing we think of when adding to our fabulous collection of designers. we have been a long time retailer of bobo choses, a serious customer & staff favorite. 

with their unique styles and amazing philosophy, it's no wonder that bobo choses has such a big cult following. 

like all of our designers, they strive to make products that are good for the environment. we love learning about bobo choses' evolution as they work to improve their impact on the world, each season. 

"we like to replace conventional materials with more sustainable ones that have a lower impact on both nature and human health. we use GOTS- certified organic cotton as the main fibre in our collections.

 increasingly, we are incorporating more sustainable fibres: 

85% of the fabrics we’re using are cellulosic and include denim, alpaca and mohair wool, terry corduroy fleece, 100% recycled polyester and LENZINGTM lyocell 

LENZINGTM lyocell: an eco-friendly and biodegradable fabric made with wood pulp from sustainable tree farms." 

learning about the bobo choses aw20 kids & baby collection: 

"-66% of the cotton used in our aw20 kid collection is GOTS certified organic cotton. 

-90% of the cotton used in our aw20 baby collection is GOTS certified organic cotton. 

-93% of our AW20 collection was produced between Spain and Portugal, of which 70% was produced no more than 12 miles away from our headquarters."

shop the bobo choses ss20 collection at kodomo 


just as important as the impact clothing production has on the environment, so is the commitment and respect of the workers and production team. 

bobo choses garments are made locally. 

"we love to support our local manufacturers and to learn from their know-how. 

all of our suppliers need to comply with our code of conduct which helps us share our mutual responsibility for fair labour and a safe working environment. we visit our suppliers regularly in order to assure that they are meeting bobo choses ethical standards. the production and finishing factories we work with are OEKO-TEX certified, so we have a clear and transparent view of our entire textile supply chain."


to meet their philosophical goals and give back to society, 

"bobo choses usually collaborate with the red cross and several other social organizations to help families and children in need. we like to get involved with summer camps, foundations, and other social projects along the way."

healthy garments & recycling 

"all of our garments are analyzed by one of europe’s leading research centres called AITEX. this is to certify they are healthy garments! all of our products are free of nickel and chromium. 

our outerwear use bionic finish eco water- repellent treatment. it is free from dangerous chemicals such as fluorocarbons, formaldehyde and paraffin. 


working with organisations such as made-by and anthesis, helps us with action plans to address carbon, water and waste reduction. 

in five years we have managed to reduce our carbon footprint by 7.4% and our water consumption by 30%. 

we make an accurate forecast when we buy fabrics to avoid overstock and all the scraps generated at the production stage are donated to a local foundation called ceo ei maresme for recycling and re-use. at the moment, we are working on a dedicated project to expand the lifecycle of our overstock materials with the waste agency of catalonia and hallotex-the loop. we hope to share more information in the near future. 


responsible packaging means, bobo choses uses 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging. 

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