wolf and rita aw20

freedom blues

this autumn/winter season, wolf & rita is serving up yet another gorgeous collection, with a deeply meaningful inspiration. the portugese brand always delivers exquisitely designed baby and children's clothing with unique signature prints and this season is no exception. 

wolf & rita aw20 collection
wolf & rita doroteia yellow scene dress
wolf & rita doroteia pale blue dress
wolf & rita roberto winter grass shirt
wolf & rita pedro green cardigan
wolf & rita amadeu black trousers
wolf & rita ana disco bird leggings
wolf & rita doroteia yellow scene dress

the prints and figures in the ethically crafted "freedom blues" collection are particularly stunning, as they were inspired by the "visually striking, simple ... yet powerful" work of folk artist bill traylor, an american artist born into slavery who didn't begin making art until his eighties. 

wolf & rita augusta winter grass jumper
wolf & rita carmen denim black dress
wolf & rita tatiana winter grass blouse
wolf & rita mario braid taupe beanie
wolf & rita ana beast green leggings
wolf & rita doroteia pale blue dress

in the collection, "traylor's vibrant imagery and color palette inspire and compose the patterns" that grace a variety of dresses, pants, and baby outfits. 

"we named the collection freedom blues. blues as in the electric, deep color traylor has so brilliantly used and is known for. blues as in the music from the american south. freedom, which was something traylor surely did not take for granted, and which is still a reason of concern for each and every one of us today."

wolf & rita rosalina rabbit and man jumpsuit
wolf & rita artur disco bird bodysuit
wolf & rita guilherme corduroy pale blue jumpsuit
wolf & rita beatriz denim dress black
wolf & rita ana beast blue leggings
wolf & rita carmen denim black dress

we hope you love this collection as much as we do. don't forget how much we love seeing pictures of your littles in our styles as well. share on instagram for a chance to be featured on our feed, you can tag us with the hashtag #kodomolittles. 

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