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tinycottons tiny explorers aw21 collection

Set off on an exciting expedition with tinycotton's latest collection for the fall winter season: tiny explorers.

From the brand: "Wandering in the Tiny Forest is quite an experience. Full of unknown species, plants, funny insects and natural objects that look familiar but show features that have never been seen. Like dancing worms or walking mountains. It sounds a little weird, doesn’t it? Yet nothing can surprise a Tiny Explorer. With their eyes and minds wide open, they explore the Tiny forest and note down all the peculiarities. Amazed by the beautiful diversity of species. With loving and respectful attitude to Nature. Showing us the way to follow and be always this curious, inclusive and respectful to the nature and people around us. The AW21 collection takes us on a very special expedition where the funny characters carry an important message about respect, diversity and love to nature."

The collection is full of their signature cute prints with a new spin, featuring ants, the tiny dog, stars, squirrels, and swans as well as flowers, stripes, and checks. The colors for the season feature a wide array that mirrors the most beautiful colors from nature:  shades of green, brown, navy, mustard and cream with bright red, ultramarine and yellow accents. 

the showstoppers from the collection are the knits - in bold prints and colors that will keep the littles cozy in style. but our most favorite pieces are the ones bearing the motto of the season: "diversity is cool". we couldn't agree more! 

check out all the goodness below, and find even more styles on our site in the tinycottons full collection.

tinycottons sky baby body ultramarine honey
tinycottons diversity is cool tee dark green bamboo yellow
tinycottons dog baby cardigan true brown dark copper
tinycottons daisies long skirt soft blue ink blue
tinycottons daisies baby cardigan dark green light cream
tinycottons solid vest fuchsia
tinycottons sky frills shirt stormy blue navy
tinycottons sky relaxed dress milky sky deep blue
tinycottons diversity is cool tee rose red
tinycottons dog cardigan true brown dark copper
tinycottons mockneck sweater pastel multicolor
tinycottons solid cardigan ultramarine

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