soon to be big bro, @paxton.beau

if you follow kids fashion on social media, you've most likely come across our friend @paxton.beau's instagram page. with the cutest face, killer hair and impeccable style, it's no wonder this mini style maven has over 20k followers!  paxton will soon be sharing the limelight - mamma larissa bazile is expecting her second child, meaning, paxton will soon be a big bro.

read on as larissa shares her experience with pregnancy the second time around, and with curious pax by her side...



experiencing pregnancy for the second time around with a 3 year old is quite different than having a first baby. time goes by like a blur and half the time i forget that I am even pregnant (thanks to no sickness whatsoever). then there’s my son pax who is so invested in this new baby it’s the sweetest thing on earth. he was the one to tell me “mommy you’ve a baby in your belly!” before i even took a pregnancy test and he has claimed it “his” baby ever since. i swear he loves that baby more than me! i keep having to remind him that i will be the mommy and he will be the brother instead of the second mommy.

no day goes by without him talking about his baby. he loves checking on the size of the baby and when I jokingly say, “i don’t want my belly to get big!” he looks at me in a disappointed gaze and says “but i want a baby!”… you see, i’m really just the carrier here haha.

when we go to a store, he thinks of things his baby would like. when, i eat something he asks if the baby likes it. he is fascinated in knowing that the baby is nourished through the umbilical cord, and does not chew food like he does. pax's whole plan is to have the baby sleeping right next to him and he will pass down all of his “baby” toys.
i’m curious to see how excited…or not… he will be once the new baby actually arrives. naturally, the addition of another child brings up some of my own worries. i hope he won’t be too disappointed that his new sibling won’t be ready to play with him for a while. and i really hope he won’t lose interest once he realizes that newborns don’t really do anything. he has already made it very clear that he won’t be changing any diapers. i wonder if he will get upset about the one on one time he loses with me. his anticipation of become a big brother has been so great, that i can barely imagine him getting jealous.
while we yet have to find out the gender, pax has announced it’s a girl… :)

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