new brand spotlight: oilily

new brand spotlight: 


spring & summer season means vibrant colors, fun patterns, and lightweight clothes the kids will love wearing in the nicer weather. we are so happy to welcome oilily to our lil crew!! 

rooted in the netherlands, oilily was founded in 1963. they were the first to put the child at the center of the creative process, meaning each piece is made with your kiddos in mind. features that make the clothes comfortable and wearable for kids, with deep pockets and high-quality materials. 

this new collection features patterns and styles are perfect for boys and girls, for so many different occasions. 

clothes designed for playing in = happy kids 

clothes designed and made to last = happy parents & happy planet 

“a thing of beauty is a joy for ever”
– john keats

"this opening line from keats’ poem, endymion, has from day one been a kind of mantra for everyone at oilily. the touchstone against which we measure an item before it may bear the oilily name. we make things to last as we hope their owners will want them to last, because they cherish them." 

check out the new collection of these insanely beautiful prints from oilily at kodomo boston. 

available in stores and online. 

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