molo aw20 lookbook and brand feature

brand interview with molo founder, mogens jepsen

plus, a look into the aw20 collection: movements 

each season we are so excited to see what the new theme of molo's line is! this season offers amazing graphics and great patterns. we are loving the fun tee's and effortlessly stylish dresses. 

the overall theme for autumn/winter 2020 is movements. 

"we are inspired by the definition of movements, which can mean motion and physical activity, or a small action that can be the start of something much bigger." 

while the overall theme of this line is movements, the new molo aw20 pre boys' collection is called "amazing games" and the girls' collection is called "a beautiful interference." 

changes and movements, actions and developments can start anywhere. move and get moved! molo has chosen to take a stand and be GOTS certified.

q: what's your origin story?

a: the journey of molo began with a curiosity and a desire to change kidswear fashion, which at the time was a lot less colourful. we wanted to create a kidswear brand with a more playful and urban vibe – and of course lots of fun prints. we are a danish brand, located in copenhagen and create colourful and curated pieces for boys and girls with everything from accessories, to outerwear and a line of fashion sportswear for girls.


q: since your move from designing for ages 2-8y, now to baby-16y, how have styles evolved to cater to different age groups?

a: designing for both babies, kids and teenagers is a very interesting and fun challenge for us. we focus on functionality and movement. for babies, you need to make a design that will fit a diaper and lots of crawling around on the floor and for the bigger kids other things need to be considered. we always follow the child’s development in our development of silhouettes and fit.

q: what keeps you inspired? your designs are always fresh and not gimmicky... so, what drives you?

a: we are inspired by almost anything else than other kidswear styles. the inspiration can come from exhibitions, history, nature, books or fun personalities. molo's design speaks to a child’s imagination and we believe that our design separates us from others with our strong colours, fun prints, interesting silhouettes and our eye-catching styling. We love quirky details and a design that kids can explore, discover and fall in love with. always with a twist of humour. 

q: is there a message you want to send to your current and potential customers?

a: we would like to talk even more about our sustainable journey, which is so important to us and something that we are very proud of. we are a GOTS certified organic brand and also work with other new sustainable materials such as recycled polyester. we support the movement to ‘buy less – buy better’ and we believe that the quality and design of our styles also supports this. we do our very best to think and design for the long term and for the conscious consumer and we love seeing siblings passing down molo clothes to each other. we always design for the kids and all molo clothes should create happiness and joy for the kids and be something that they want to wear over and over – wash after wash. 



girls collection: a beautiful interface 

story behind the girls pre-aw20 collection:  "this time, we are situated in Japan, where Ikebana, the fine art of flowers inspires us. How small, but precise decisions are made, to create balance and harmony. 

small things make a difference, like the young voices that rise to interfere for change, for truth and a sustainable future. all actions matter. the colour palette is a sporty mix of sunny yellow, signal orange, purple and blue combined with beautiful scattered star prints and vivid stripes. the language of flowers has found its way onto a must-have cropped sweat-set and as an exquisite all-over print. become beautiful interference."

boys collection: amazing games 

story behind the boys pre-aw20 collection: "we are fascinated by the skilled athletes who strive to excel and give it all every time they compete.

the practicality and comfort of the sportswear is an everlasting source of inspiration that adds both coolness and comfort to the look. the colour story is a mix of signal orange, ink blue and grey melange and a bold graphic print of all sorts of sports gear pays tribute to the sporty aesthetic. set goals and practice. humans are made for motion.

athletic animals print 

molo aw20

starry sky print 

molo aw 20

full speed print 

molo aw20

ikebana rose print 

molo aw20

we are loving everything & anything athleisure. 

athleisure is casual, comfy clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear. 

since we're staying home as much as possible right now, this is especially perfect because it's all about staying comfy and still looking cute!

statement from molo on their global organic textile standard certifcation: 

"molo is GOTS certified, which means we offer organic childrenswear that meets the strictest social and environmental standards and guarantees that no harmful chemicals are used in the final product. in addition to cotton, we have now added light woven- and isoli fabrics to our GOTS program, meaning lots of skirts, dresses, sweatshirts, pyjamas and underwear are now also GOTS certified."

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