molo autumn winter 2018-2019 lookbook

with exciting new launches around every corner, we can’t forget about one of our favorites - molo! their new 2018 autumn/winter collection for girls & boys is here. from green to glitter, they have it all, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

before we talk about all of the cosy and visually stunning pieces in their new collection, we want to first talk about the journey of these clothes.

molo prides themselves on creating children’s wear without traces of PFC, and is a recent winner of the PFC-free test. PFC stands for per fluorinated compounds and pollutants. the pollutants are extremely damaging not only to the environment, but to the workers who produce the mass amounts of clothing. to make this possible, molo uses a flour free water repellent treatment on all of their clothing. this guarantees that the clothing is not harmful for children or workers. who says you can’t have clothes that are beautiful and environmentally friendly too?

the new boys collection is partly inspired by the phrase “world united” and has subtle references to classic 80s and 90s sportswear. many of the pieces include playful aspects of a green soccer field, and even a gold football world map. in addition to sports, molo also has styles with both outdoor and city focus. with colors like deep green, turquoise and yellow, you are sure to find the best versatile choice for your little man!

molo maddish city text kids sweatshirt. free shipping from kodomo boston

(molo madsim city text sweatshirt)

molo hugo reflective camo kids coat from fall winter 2018. free shipping from kodomo boston.

(molo hugo reflective camo jacket)

molo fall winter 2018 new collection. clothing for kids, babies and teens. free shipping from kodomo boston.

(molo madsim snowboarders outline sweatshirt, molo alonso denim pants, molo add woven pants)

the new girls collection is a serious game changer. the line is inspired by the game changing girls who are strong and not afraid to share their opinions. the pieces vary from gold skirts, strappy dresses and even sporty tracksuits. all of which include a nod to 90s casual fashion.

molo also has products from the girls collection with outdoor and celebratory focus. cue the mountains, pine trees, and fresh air. owls, horses, and deers are all over these pieces, as well as embroidered flowers and geometric graphics. the celebratory aspect comes into play with tassels, glitter, and confetti prints. they also have a new purple color combined with blush, dark oatmeal, and deep green. this collection is sure to give you all of the autumn/winter cosy feelings.

molo new collection autumn winter girls dress. free shipping from kodomo boston.

(molo christin northern horse spirit dress)

molo autumn winter new collection girls bailing gold skirt. free shipping kodomo boston.

(molo bailini skirt in gold)

molo hestia ash rose girls winter coat. free shipping from kodomo boston.

(molo hestia ash rose coat)

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