(kid) tourist friendly in new england

(kid) tourist FRIENDLY 

Just 140 miles West of Boston, past the French King Bridge, through the Winding Mohawk Trail, is the postcard perfect town of North Adams. Catch a glimpse of the town from the "World Famous Hairpin Bend" and perhaps take in the view with a beer from the historic Golden Eagle restaurant, built in 1914 to serve weary travelers making the then arduous journey. 

North Adams and its sister town, Williamstown (home of Williams College), boast plenty of attractions - Mass MOCA, the Clark Art Institute, and a whole host of options for nature lovers.  Its crown jewel, however, is the seemingly unassuming Tourists.  Located just off Route 2 and across the street from an unimpressive shopping complex, Tourists would be easy to dismiss as another roadside motel. But don't judge this book by its deceptive cover.  Pull into the gravel parking lot and hear the melodic sounds of Tourists Radio, its in-house spotify channel, wafting through the air.  Enjoy contactless check-in (done entirely through a smart-phone) and walk to your next home away from home (for 48 - 72 hours.) 

Its close ties to the Indie Rock scene are manifested in different ways throughout the hotel.  After all, John Stirratt, of indie-darling Wilco fame, is one of the part owners of the hotel.  The melodies of James Taylor and other light rockers croon over the vintage, yet modern speakers as travelers enter their rooms. Up-and coming singers perform on the main deck under twinkling filament bulbs. 

The hotel boasts various different rooms for couples, friends, and families. Each room has been designed with a sleek, hygge aesthetic.  The hotel has anticipated almost every need of a guest and every choice - from bedding to sundries - is made with comfort and coziness at the top of mind.  During these cautious COVID times, Tourists benefits from its history as a former motel as nearly all walkways and common spaces are outdoors.

For parents or guests traveling with young children - opt for the Sanford suite if possible.  The extra space will allow little ones ample room to run around and can comfortably house at least two travel cribs.  The kitchenette will be a godsend if a toddler has a pre-meal meltdown and requires a light meal.  But the private deck is an oasis of tranquility.  Overlooking the Hoosic River and surrounded by lush vegetation, it doubles as a spiritual getaway or a cone of privacy when inevitable toddler meltdowns occur.  However, walk to the end of the deck and utilize the outdoor shower - it is the perfect way to cool down littles or distract them during hot summer days.

The grounds are fully self contained, and tourists would feel happy remaining on the premises for the duration of their stay.  The main deck offers snacks and a curated bar menu complete with local brews and homemade cocktails.  Walk about 100 yards away to the Airport Rooms, the on-premise hotel restaurant with its own aviation-themed cocktail menu.  Opt for a fire pit and keep a close eye on wandering toddlers - while functioning as the perfect venue for roasting smores, parents need to ensure that curious hands are not drawn to the flames.

Finish your weekend off with a walk across a suspension bridge spanning the Hoosic River and let littles burn off any excess energy before jumping back in the car and returning to reality.  Just make sure not to forget the bug spray.

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