guest post by jessica dickinson - adventuring through fairyland

adventuring through fairyland 

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we met social media influencer jessica dickinson through junior style london and were thrilled about the opportunity to feature her as a guest blogger! we asked her to tell us about her adventures as a mother and how her own childhood influenced the way she is now raising her two beautiful girls. 

"i grew up in a rural area on the outskirts of town where the woods were thick and the adventures, plenty. my parents encouraged outdoor fun and joined along as i earnestly dug out their backyard. among the streams and thicket that was my playground, a world of forest fairies came to life.

as a mother of two young girls, i feel a growing need to revive these fantasies, which once nurtured my own daydreams. while it is no easy task to find time for an impromptu adventure, we recently set aside an afternoon for creating and exploring along one of our favorite woodland paths. beautiful weather coupled with a desire to create fairy wings gave our trip to the woods added purpose and playful intent. 

when the girls have an urge to "craft" my biggest headache is finding the right supplies only to follow a script that typically has mom doing 90% of the work. on the contrary, our fairy wings were incredibly simple to make and encouraged us to repurpose discarded material found at the local reuse center. my eldest cut foot-long pieces from a selection of discarded blouses. we stole four wire hangers from daddy's closet (one for each wing), bent them this way and that, added a sash tie across the bodice, and, voilà! fairy wings fit for an afternoon of adventure and easily stored away until the next one.

while little escapades like these are invaluable and the moments tender, as the girls get older, my involvement has shifted from planning to observation. and so it seems, we’re cozy here in that sweet spot of motherhood. while they still need me, they’re busy finding their own fairy worlds through uninhibited play and a growing sense of adventure."

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photos courtesy of jessica dickinson 

modeling our tutu du monde cascading tulip dress is jessica's daughter elise!

you can also follow jessica on instagram @blakeacres

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