bobo choses' commitment to sustainable and ethical production

at a time when environmental protection is no longer an option but rather the key to our future, we at kodomo are committed to supporting designers who produce in an ethical and sustainable manner.

bobo choses is one of those brands who really leads by example. bobo choses not only sustainably produces their baby and kids collections, but the company also educates and empowers children to take their part in protecting our planet.

their current collection, "to make a garden" highlights the importance of planting gardens to save bees - because the future looks brighter and greener when bees can do their job.

this spring, bobo choses equipped kodomo with everything our littlest customers needed to make their own garden for the bees. 

we spent a rainy afternoon decorating clay pots and planting seeds. each of our friends got to take home their pots, aprons, and "to make a garden" seeded postcards that you can actually plant in the garden!  it was a fun activity to do with the kiddos, many of who were planting their first own little garden.



bobo choses really makes a commitment to spreading the message of caring for the earth. but, they not only talk the talk - they also walk the talk. 


-90% of bobo choses' production occurs in spain, reducing gas emissions by avoiding transporting materials to and from other countries

-50% of bobo's t-shirts contain linen. linen is made from vegetable fibers, and is a natural, biodegradable and recyclable fibre that stands out for its durability 

-49% of cotton used in bobo's current ss19 collection is organic

-90% of the cotton used in the baby collection is organic

-100% of their organic cotton is GOTS certified

-100% of knitwear fabrics is OEKO-TEX certified

-85% of the collection's prints and dyes are OEKO-TEX certified

-all of their packaging is biodegradable

now these are some stats to be proud of - and to feel good about! check out bobo choses to make a garden collection here.

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