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new kids on the moon looks for ss20 & a look into the brand's background

kids on the moon is a polish children's wear brand founded by designer magda rams. the brand connects the world of nature, kids fantasy and sensitivity with an adult perspective (a careful eye will notice quotes from culture, film, literature, music). the brand's philosophy is rooted in a belief that aesthetic education begins at a very early age therefore it is important to surround kids with beautiful objects.

kids on the moon fabrics are high quality and natural, and the styles are comfortable so kids have freedom for movement and play.

q: what was the main source of inspiration for creating the kids on the moon brand? 

a: the brand was established by magda rams, designer and creator in one. magda, after her studies in art school, was traveling and living abroad. when she came back home, to warsaw, poland, she was full of new ideas. she founded kids on the moon brand – an excellent opportunity to build thematic worlds, that encourage kids to use their spontaneous imagination, be brave in dreams, and explore real and unreal worlds. 

from the very beginning, the brand connected the world of nature, kids’ fantasy and sensitivity, with an adult perspective (a careful eye will notice quotes from culture, film, literature or music).



q: where did the name kids on the moon come from? 

a: we wanted to name the brand using unique words or an expression that would stimulate kids’ imaginations. a no gravity brand for children, created under the full moon. best for night walks on roofs, playing in stardust, and formal meetings with UFOs. 



q: in what ways is your company working to decrease your carbon footprint? what does being an ethical clothing brand mean to you? 

a: we care about sustainable fashion that’s why we carefully choose our partners and manufacturers. all of our clothes are made in poland with resolute commitment to quality and fair working conditions. kids on the moon constantly works to improve the sustainability of our production processes. we are producing fabrics only in ruropean manufacturers, most of them have GOTS, OEKO-TEX certificates, or organic content standard certificate. we are using only natural, cotton fabrics, which we are slowly replacing with organic cotton. in the near future we would like to find more sustainable materials, for example, from recycling.

our production is planned to not over produce and to diminish stock as much as possible. leftover materials are used to make accessories. especially now, when face masks are in high demand, we are able to create masks out of leftover materials. 

we also continually improve our packaging. since the spring summer season, all our products are packed in eco-friendly plant-based bags, that are fully compostable. in this way we significantly diminish the usage of polybags and plastic packaging.

being ethical brand means that we are also educating kids about eco-approach and nature. each of our collection encourages the new generation to be more cautious and empathetic towards the world around us. we wish to inspire children to cherish their friendship with the earth by taking care of it.



q: can you tell us a bit more about the latest collection? we are loving the light colors for spring/summer! 

a: our ss collection is named, "you mean the world to me!"  

the inspiration for the collection was a natural bond between kids and the planet. the world is our home and kids are our future – we need to remember that and never forget that we are all connected! we educate kids about this through the messages printed on our clothing and through the stories behind each collection.

faded colours draw inspiration from the earth palette, simple styles embody playful minimalism. the clothes are loose and comfortable, reflecting kids' personalities. 



q: what separates kids on the moon from other children's brands? 

a: there are so many beautiful brands now that it’s more and more difficult to stand out, so it is very important that the brand has its own identity. our philosophy is rooted in a belief that aesthetic education begins at a very early age, therefore it is important to surround kids with beautiful objects, to educate them about eco-approach. in each our collection we want to tell kids something about the world they live in, about how important they are. we wish to encourage them to be independent, happy and free, and dream big. 

we often engage artists to work with us, to give something special to our little customers. every season we wish to take kids to different areas of creativity.

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