5 podcasts you and the kiddos can enjoy!

whether you and the kiddie squad are enduring a roadtrip, or regular traffic time, we've put together a few podcasts that you can all enjoy together! music is awesome, but sometimes throwing on a podcast can be a nice and educational change of pace. you can listen to these 5 podcasts on apple podcast, or head to the show websites for additional streaming options. 

1. wow the world - by: npr 


the low down: 

this weekly podcast tackles a new topic. sometimes the show is about the human mind or body, animals, the planet ... honestly, just about anything you could imagine! npr never fails to make these various topics interesting. 




2. rebel girls 

the low down: 

love the book series? Well now you can listen to the rebel girls podcasts! at kodomo we happily carry the 2 books and were beyond pleased to hear there was a podcast as well!

3. book club for kids

the low down: 

exactly what it sounds like! each episode features 3 kiddos a new book. listen as the 3 discuss the book of the week, then enjoy an interview with the author, and a celeb reading.


4. what if world

the low down: 

such a fun show, as the host takes a new "what if," question weekly, he does a creative spin on it and his answer, which then turns into a crazy story!


5. stuff you should know  - by: how stuff works

the low down: 

people of any age will find this podcast interesting. SYSK posts new episodes more than twice a week and they discuss literally... everything... and anything. there are a surplus of episode to enjoy.


let us know which ones you liked and if you have any recommendations for us


happy listening! 

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