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mamma couture selene STEM doll

$ 105.00

selene is a ph.d. student in chemistry. her work is helping to develop new solutions to make bio-fuels and solve the world’s fuel crisis.

selene is wearing a pair of light denim, a lace shirt (with a pineapple design) and a pair of very colorful espadrillas. selene has a head full of strawberry red hair and her skin is fair. her accessories are an erlenmeyer flask, a tube and a hazmat suit with blue incorporated gloves and yellow incorporated boots.

selene has been designed to show girls that life has so many opportunities for them, and that the world can’t wait to see them grown and be part of the STEM (science, technology, engineering  and mathematics) revolution if they choose.

the dolls are designed and manufactured in the uk. the fabric used is 100% GOTS Cotton (organic), and the dolls are machine washable with a gentle program at a cold temperature. each doll is sold with accessories that match her profession.

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