mamma couture matryoshka

$ 60.00

this matryoshka rag doll is the perfect friend for cuddles. her soft body makes her a great night comforter for children.

she is absolutely unique – her materials are carefully chosen to create original color and texture combinations. each doll’s face is hand painted, giving her her own individual character.

this cloth doll has another unique feature: she is meant to help your baby say goodbye to the pacifier and create a transference object that will help ease separation anxiety. your baby's pacifier (pacifier not included) can be attached to the arm of the doll, and your baby will start to associate the doll with comfort. remove the pacifier during the day, and after a few days or weeks, remove the pacifier at night. your baby will be comforted by the doll that she already knows and loves, and will forget the pacifier and just want the doll.

the matryoshka rag doll was highly commended by junior design awards 2014.

Kodomo sources styles that define luxury not by labels but with design, process, and intent. Read more about our approach to sustainable fashion here.

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