atelier choux carré up for air

$ 52.00
Color: up for air

the friendly creatures of the ocean's depths have come up for some air, their curiosity piqued by group of tugboats that have drifted far from their familiar shores. young octopuses otters, and slithery sea snakes explore these new textures – slippery steel panels and their rickety wooden interiors, while an ambitious smalltooth sawfish swipes through one deck to the dismay of its captains. giant lobsters extend their claws upwards while a particularly toothy mouth draws a small boat towards it. an excited yet slightly frightened gorilla is happy to be in his cage, somewhat out of reach from all the slippery claws, jaws and tentacles. the commotion continues as the party drifts together towards shore, where lazy cows graze, their size rendered miniscule by the giant creatures who splash and delight nearby in their newfound amusement.

printed with water based, baby safe inks. these water based inks are well integrated within our highly absorbent fabric and are "lock-in" during anair-drying process, therefore there is no concern that prints will significantly lighten or disappear over time. 

designed and 100% made in france.

Kodomo sources styles that define luxury not by labels but with design, process, and intent. Read more about our approach to sustainable fashion here.

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