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atelier choux star gazing

$ 34.00

this atelier choux blanket features a "star gazing" all-over print.

this orbit has become a popular racetrack for the residents of nearby planets. most have their own vehicle – octopuses in teapots and space cowboys on comets, with star searchers fully equipped with the latest equipment. some local residents, like the gentleman and his pup, are simply out and about for some air. several long limbed visitors play hide and seek in meteorite crypts while one small space creature has wiggled its way into an abandoned satellite and called it home. but where is keeper of the young, curious television who has adventured into this galaxy?


the artwork is designed by acclaimed swedish illustrator, mattias adolfsson and printed with water based, baby safe inks. these water based inks are well integrated within atelier choux's highly absorbent fabric and are "locked-in" during an air-drying process, therefore there is no concern that prints will significantly lighten or disappear over time.

these blankets are beautifully crafted and can also be used as a nursing cover, stroller blanket/shade, and swaddle.

designed and made in france.

made with 100% organic cotton. 

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