veja v-10 velcro midtop sherpa-lined sneakers platine white


veja v-10 velcro mid top sneakers in gold and white combination with a cozy sherpa lining.  made from bovine chrome free leather that undergoes an innovative tanning process where no chrome, heavy metals, or dangerous acids are involved.

by simplifying the tanning process, the use of chemicals and energy is limited. water use is reduced by approximately 40% and salt by 80%. after tanning, the water is recyclable.

upper: chromefree leather insole: sugar cane (55%), organic cotton (19%) and others (12%) outersole: amazonian rubber (31%), silica (31%), synthetic rubber (19%) and others (19%) lining: tech (100% recycled polyester)

made in brazil

Kodomo sources styles that define luxury not by labels but with design, process, and intent. Read more about our approach to sustainable fashion here.

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