it began with a page: how gyo fujikawa drew the way


from beloved team kyo maclear and julie morstad comes an elegant picture book biography that portrays the most moving moments in the life of gyo fujikawa, a groundbreaking japanese american hero in the fight for racial diversity in picture books.

equal parts picture book biography, inspiring story, and a look at racial diversity in america, it began with a page is a gem for any book lover, librarian, or child who dares to dream big.

growing up in california, gyo fujikawa always knew that she wanted to be an artist. she was raised among strong women, including her mother and teachers, who encouraged her to fight for what she believed in. during world war II, gyo’s family was forced to abandon everything and was taken to an internment camp in arkansas.

far away from home, gyo worked as an illustrator in new york while her innocent family was imprisoned. seeing the diversity around her and feeling pangs from her own childhood, gyo became determined to show all types of children in the pages of her books. there had to be a world where they saw themselves represented.

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