women's history month - book round-up

women's history month book round up

As a female-owned business with an all female staff, we know the power of women. Nothing brings us more joy than to celebrate women and all that they are and have the potential to be: ingenious, creative, fierce, loving, resilient. In honor of the month and of amazing women, we've put together some of our favorite books that celebrate women who've made history, whether in fashion, art, media, politics. Take a look at the books that remind us how inspiring and impactful women are:

lillians right to vote

an elderly african american woman, en route to vote, remembers her family’s tumultuous voting history in this picture book publishing in time for the fiftieth anniversary of the voting rights act of 1965.

learn about famous artists’ lives through their masterpieces. this book in the Portrait of an Artist series dives into the life of Frida Kahlo in a clear, thoughtful way. featuring colorful illustrations from Edith Carron, these storybooks include an image of a famous masterpiece on each spread throughout the book. they also include in-depth looks at the artworks at the back of the book.

portrait of an artist frida kahlo
what i can learn from the incredible life of oprah winfrey

what i can learn from the incredible and fantastic life of oprah winfrey. this biography series chronicles the lives of some of our best known leaders, inventors, artists and role models.a source of inspiration for young dreamers, each book is proof that, regardless of who you are and where you come from, dreams do come true. as long as you work hard and never give up.

the third installment in the new york times bestselling good night stories for rebel girls series features 100 immigrant women who have changed the world. it is illustrated by 70 female and non binary artists from 29 countries. recommended for ages 6y+

goodnight stories for rebel girls 100 immigrant women who changed the world
little people, big dreams - coco chanel

in this international bestseller from the critically acclaimed little people, big dreams series, discover the life of coco chanel, the iconic first lady of fashion. little people, big dreams is an empowering series that celebrates the important life stories of wonderful women of the world. from designers and artists to scientists, all of them went on to achieve incredible things, yet all of them began life as a little child with a dream. these books make the lives of these role models accessible for children, providing a powerful message to inspire the next generation of outstanding people who will change the world!

a clever, quirky book about one of the world's most beloved contemporary artists - aimed at young readers and written from Kusama's point of view. Yayoi Kusama covers her paintings in hundreds and hundreds of dots. her dots come off her canvases to cover dresses, tables, walls, and more. she creates mirrored rooms and fills them with glittering balls and lights, until there is an infinity of dots - just like in her paintings. Fausto Gilberti brings movement, life, and whimsy to the true life story of one of the most important contemporary Japanese artists of our time - an artist who is still dazzling museum- and gallery-goers around the globe today. hardcover

yayoi kusama covered everything in dots and wasnt sorry book
goodnight stories for rebel girls 100 real life tales of black girl magic

good night stories for rebel girls: 100 real-life tales of black girl magic acknowledges, applauds, and amplifies the incredible stories of 100 inspiring black women and girls from the past and present; and celebrates black girl magic around the world.   recommended for ages 6y+

learn the story of time person of the year greta thunberg, the sixteen-year-old climate activist who has sparked a worldwide student movement and is demanding action from world leaders who refuse to address climate change—from acclaimed picture book creator jeanette winter. hardcover

our house is on fire book
so here i am book

discover the inspiring voices that have changed our world, and started a new conversation.     the first dedicated collection of seminal speeches by women from around the world,  So Here I Am is about women at the forefront of change—within politics, science, human rights, and media; discussing everything from free love, anti-war, scientific discoveries, race, gender, and women's rights. this anthology of outspoken women throughout history is essential reading for anyone who believes that change is not only possible, it is necessary. 

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