wolf and rita ss21 collection - songbird by night

wolf rita collection at kodomo boston

songbird by night - ss21 collection by wolf & rita


wolf + rita is among our favorite brands because of the level of creativity and craft they bring to what they do. their beautiful, ethically made collections always have unique, artistic inspirations.

as usual, this season, they do not disappoint. their latest collection - songbird by night - takes us away on a lost at sea adventure that lands us on a deserted island, exploring the brand's impossible fantasy of a chance encounter between  Bas Jan Ader (performance artist whose fated final performance and Robinson Crusoe (whose deserted island adventures .

the result is a breezy collection featuring sailboats and parasols all kids can enjoy!

wolf rita bruno top parasol
wolf rita bruno top parasol
wolf rita sebastiao t-shirt soda
wolf rita tadeu shorts denim
wolf rita sebastiao t shirt parasol
wolf rita clemente belt anyway
wolf rita simone skirt synergie pink
wolf rita assuncao dress red helix
wolf rita micaela swimsuit blue
wolf rita carminho baby onesie galaxy
wolf rita rosalina baby jumpsuit red helix
wolf rita ema baby onesie parasol
wolf rita adolfo shorts red helix
wolf rita flavia dress parasol
wolf rita simoneta romper green helix
wolf rita jacinta dress parasol
wolf rita long socks daisy green

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