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as a wardrobe stylist and mom of two young boys, the questions alisa kapinos gets asked the most are: where are your favorite places to shop for kid's clothes? and how do you get your boys to wear clothes other than underarmour? 

alisa visited our newest store at the street in chestnut hill when we first opened our doors, and snatched up some spring and summer duds for her boys. we were so thrilled to see her, and excited for her to share some of her insights on fashion for boys. here is what alisa has to say:

what i love about kodomo in particular is that they're a breath of fresh air. unique styles, new looks, featuring the best european designers. nothing i will ever find in any of the main stays in and around new england. 

what kodomo does so well is curate fashionable and sustainable clothing that my boys love, and not because my boys are into fashion, but for one simple reason, they love it for the comfort. if your boys are anything like mine, their energy levels are always turned up, and they are non-stop. i can certainly understand why young boys prefer to wear underarmour and sports clothing all day long rather than constricting jeans and polos. but when you can marry the two, fashion-forward clothing that is also comfortable, it's a win, win. i love the clothes for the fashion, and they love it for the comfort. 

on my maiden voyage to kodomo's newest location, i scored some gorgeous pieces that i truly love and know my boys will be happy to wear. cotton t-shirts paired with soft cotton pants and shorts. simple right? a spin on a classic pair of cotton shorts, are cotton harem pants, they just put that extra little stylish kick on something so very simple, so of course i added that to my kids' wardrobe.

one of my styling tips is, find the pieces that are comfortable for the kids, but have fun prints and patterns that bring out the fashion. kodomo carries all sorts of sweatpants and sweatshirts, t-shirts and hats, even sneakers, but with that fun twist of unique threading detailing or large photographic prints or oversized pockets... great details that make every piece truly original.  

have fun with your boy's fashions, you don't have to restrict yourself to just sports clothes for every day wear. switch out some of those underarmour sweatshirts and t-shirts and mix in some more fashionable and fun harem pants and unique prints. and definitely stop by kodomo to see why i love their style so much for my own kiddos.    

alisa's picks:

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