Tinycottons SS23 PARAÍSO TINY


"Imagine  a secret place, deep in the jungle, where life moves to its own magical rhythm. The sun shines in the day and  the rain falls at night. The flowers are in eternal  bloom. The fruits dance and play instruments! The animals even attend book clubs! What is this place, you might wonder, while wishing you could stay there forever. This is PARAÍSO TINY my friend! A magical place that invites you to smile."


Tinycottons' Spring Summer 2023 collection for babies and kids is inspired by the colorful villages, folklore, and traditions of Central and South America. This highly anticipated collection brings with it a bright color palette with vivid tones and graphic elements inspired by the region's culture and natural surroundings. Created with kids in mind, the collection titled 'PARAÍSO TINY, is colorful and bold. The clothing is made of natural fabrics in comfortable silhouettes, making them the perfect choice for summer days.

Drop 1 launches January 25 and Drop 2 launches February 22.

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