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tinycottons "winter world tour"

tinycottons has done it again! the barcelona-based brand beloved for their quality and far from serious aesthetic has released their "winter world tour" for aw20 and it's filled with mushrooms, foxes and hearts - prints and styles that are sure to please littles and parents alike. whether a longtime fan or newcomer, you're gonna love this collection, check out our favorite looks below:

tinycottons at kodomo boston

for this year's winter season, tinycottons wants to take you travelling, on a unique world tour based on their own travel memories and places that inspire them. "you'll see a bit of Japan, you'll taste some of New York's best treats, you'll meet one of the Greenland's funniest locals and you'll also have a chance to learn something from the German Black Forest inhabitants."

tinycottons tiny dog one piece navy
tinycottons mushrooms one piece ultra brown red
tinycottons hearts body light nude red
tinycottons hearts one piece sea blue dark green
tinycottons hearts sweatshirt sea blue dark green
tinycottons tiny stripes body dark green light navy
tinycottons foxes sweatshirt light navy sienna
tinycottons check cardigan dark pistachio dark green
tinycottons big dots one piece dark green black
tinycottons mushrooms body warm grey red
tinycottons foxes body navy camel
tinycottons big dots padded jacket light navy navy
tinycottons tiny dog sherpa vest dark green sienna

"the world is full of wonders. wonderful people, wonderful places, wonderful experiences."

tinycottons hearts sweatshirt sea blue dark green 2


tinycottons mushrooms sweatshirt ultra brown red              
tinycottons tiny dog sherpa bag brown


tinycottons check sherpa tote bag burgandy navy              
tinycottons chunky knit cardigan


tinycottons skiing dog tee cream dark green              
tinycottons hearts tee light nude red


tinycottons mushrooms tee warm grey red              
tinycottons tiny stripes tee dark green light navy


tinycottons tiny fuji tee dark pistachio cream              
tinycottons stripes denim overall


tinycottons skiing dog sweatshirt red cappuccino              
tinycottons chunky knit cardigan bubblegum


with this timeless collection tinycottons invites you to search through your travel memories as well. "remember this feeling of finding yourself out of the routine, in the unknown, enjoying the little discoveries in the new place and being immersed in another culture."                           

tinycottons big dots dress dark green black


tinycottons tiny dog sherpa vest black              
tinycottons babt tiny beanie blue


tinycottons tiny dog sherpa vest black              
tinycottons hearts snow jacket tan red


tinycottons colorblock polar jacket navy blue              
tinycottons tiny dog small sherpa backpack dark green sienna

we can't wait to see your littles in all these amazing styles. share your pics with us on instagram or by email. 

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