The Animals Observatory Pre Fall 2022 Collection

For The Animals Observatory, sustainability is not just an afterthought, it is the driving force of everything they do. Since the brand's inception, they have vowed to celebrate the beauty of the passage of time through their children's fashion collections.  This can only happen by putting sustainability at the core of everything they do.
The Animals Observatory PreFall 2022
The Animals Observatory Pre Fall 2022 collection is no exception. Presenting a mix of bright colors and prints of bunnies and teddy bears, these styles bring a playfulness that's perfect for playgrounds and parties.
TAO rooster kids t-shirt & colt kids pants
All this fun and style is never at the expense of sustainability, which is what makes The Animals Observatory one of our favorite brands.
TAO pigeon dress green flowers
In each collection, cotton garments are made from 80% virgin cotton and 20% recycled cotton made from leftover material from previous productions. To verify the authenticity of the new recycled fabric, all organizations taking part in this process must be certified with the Global Recycled Standard and Made in Green certifications.

The Animals Observatory's production is done near Braga (North of Portugal) based on the following criteria:

  1. Working conditions
  2. Production capabilities with different textiles
  3. Recommendations from other providers
  4. Communication and transparency
  5. Payment conditions
  6. Production and delivery capacity

Throughout its production process, The Animals Observatory has not only quality and style in mind, but very much shows a respect for the environment and for the people who make their clothes.

The new collection launches May 17.

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