this fall, kodomo welcomes brand, the animals observatory again to our stores. we are obsessed with the fall looks featured below, especially the color palette and unique designs. 

behind the FW19 line, with designer & founder, Laia Aguilar: 

"…inspired by the chromatic range used by artists such as Dadaist painter, Jean Arp, and American abstract painter, Morris Louis. The designs and selection of fabrics also reflect numerous iconic references: from the masculine elegance of Steve McQueen and Paul Newman to the effortless chic of Jane Birkin and Jane Seberg, as well as drawing inspiration from Italian street style and old Balenciaga collections." 

“ordered, passionate and fearless, in this new FW19 collection, Laia Aguilar puts a new twist on her signature design, creating an integral collection that has once more been complemented by the multiple influences that her imagination has examined with a fine-tooth comb.” 

-the animals observatory FW19 collection inspiration 

 TAO's environmental commitment 


"With the environmental commitment in mind, Laia wanted to develop a product from recycled materials.  Our product department found SEQUAL . It is a different kind of filament which is made by recycling the plastic collected at the bottom of the sea. After many  efforts in R&D it has been possible to develop a 100% recycled polyester filament from which to obtain sustainable fabrics of the highest quality." 

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