Styles for T(weens)

Don't you miss the days when you had full control of what your children wear? While those morning arguments over dressing appropriately for school can be exhausting, it is important to give your child some freedom in choosing what to wear. 

As they grow older and enter the teen and tween years, we are finding a common message from our clients: that there aren't enough options for high quality, sustainably made and teen-approved options out there! So we decided to expand our collections from babies & kids all the way through the teen years and beyond (with some women's styles as well!).

Having been around many teens and pre-teens ourselves, we can say that when it comes to clothing, comfort is a must!  There's a time and a place for Under Armor and Nike sportswear (like in gym class or team practices!), but left to their own devices our kids would wear those clothes to every occasion! We know you can relate.

For those times gym clothes just won't cut it, here are some styles we think even the most discerning teens will give a nod of approval to.

Bellerose: We are loving all the plaid and the mixing in of varsity inspired styles. The collection ranges from cool sweats and crew necks to button down shirts and flowy dresses to cover all the bases.

bellerose fashion for teens

Les Coyotes de Paris: an Amsterdam based brand, their collection for girls up to 16 years old actually started before its women's line. We love the mix of sporty sweatshirts and beanies with feminine skirts. Definitely a favorite for teenagers who don't want to dress too cutesie or too girly!


les coyotes de paris women and teen fashion

Check here for more of our teen fashion selections of the season!

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