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it's been a while since our last blog entry.  we've been busy!!  the good thing is that we have friends who love to help!

meet: surabhi, owner and founder of third eye chic.  we first met surabhi when we opened our first store, and we immediately clicked.  because 1) she's so chic, 2) she does incredible family portraits (some of which you will see on our instagram page) and 3)  she's a mom who gets kids fashion.  it needs to be stylish + playful, which is basically our whole ethos.

surabhi recently put together her favorite pieces from our ss18 collection. for this upcoming season, she blended vintage and contemporary prints with minimalist basics to strike the perfect balance. most of these versatile pieces can be worn with solids or can be easily mixed and matched with other new or existing pieces from your little one's wardrobe.

being a mom of two girls, surabhi is naturally drawn to more feminine looking outfits. however, what she loves about some of these pieces is that both boys and girls can rock them!!

summer styles for kids by motoreta, nununu, mini rodini, little creative factory

summer is looking mighty chic! and thank you surabhi, we can’t wait for blue skies and lots of sunshine to enjoy our summer wardrobes!


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