brand spotlight - the bonnie mob and their impact on the earth

we are so happily welcoming back the bonnie mob for this upcoming spring summer 2020 season and are thrilled to share the story of their personal commitment to sustainability.


the bonnie mob launched their brand in 2005, and has since grown, expanding from baby sizes to adding sizes for kiddos up to age seven.


their motto: "buy once, buy well, pass it on," which sums up their philosophy quite well. 





since launching in 2005, the bonnie mob favors the ecological way of doing things, over the profitable way. 



"we are continually learning and adapting our designs and processes to ensure we are proud of the garments we produce. where we have choices, we always put sustainability first."

-the bonnie mob 





the choice to commit to suppliers who hold an OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certification means the bonnie mob is lessening the contribution of synthetic fibers polluting the ocean 




since the beginning, the bonnie mob has worked closely with their factory employees. from talented pattern makers to the hardworking security staff, all employees are provided with living wages in a safe work place. 

the bonnie mob believes it is of the most importance to know and understand where your clothes come from. 

"knowing who made your clothes is vital." 




much of the collection is made from organic cotton, which is great for delicate skin as well as the environment. 


kodomo sources styles that define luxury not by labels but with design, process, and intent, that is why we love doing our research on the brands we carry, and sharing it with our clients!


"buy once, buy well, pass it on," with the bonnie mob at kodomo

the fun, new styles featured above, are all available now.

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