q&a with spanish indie clothing designer motoreta

the by-gone tradition of slow manufacturing clothing has been given a revival thanks to up and coming independent designers like Motoreta.  

q: you both began your careers in architecture- do you find any similarities between fashion design and architecture?  if so, what are they?

a: absolutely yes! garment design practices started as a small part of the whole work process in our architectural office. as architects but also designers, the ideas flow between both fields. even we share the same inspiration sources: art, music, movies.... the design and production of a dress is not very different from the process of designing an architectural detail or a unique furniture. in both cases, you have to find out the patterns, the technique, the best materials and the way to make the idea that you have in mind, real, tactile and meaningful. it is all about having fun!

q: i've never travelled to seville.  can you tell us what it's like?  do you have any favorite sights to see?

a: seville is the capital of andalusia, in the very south of spain. a unique place with a strong identity and tradition. walking its old town is a must, it contains three UNESCO world heritage sites. also you can’t not miss the bank of the guadalquivir river. It is full of nice terraces and it is the best area for runners and bikers.

one of our favorite places to go is the alameda de hercules, very close to where we live and the new hot area in town. you can have the lunch there in one the many restaurants and bars meanwhile the kids are playing. the atmosphere is easy and relaxed. the best museum is the CAAC, the andalusian contemporary art center.

seville. It’s an amazing city and one of our sources of inspiration.

q: trends vs style. what comes to mind?

a:  i think is style. fashion for kids has more freedom so the creative process is not forced to follow the trend every season and for us that is really important. we design what we love for kids and also for ourselves!

q:  your first impression of boston?

a:  it is a beautiful city with an impressive cultural and historical background! so friendly and cool. it is easy to walk and for kids is perfect with many green areas. we can’t wait to take a look to the revitalized area of the seaport district.  

q: inspiration for the FW16 collection?

a:  the motoreta FW16|17 collection “standing mobile” is all about movement, about being changeable in appearance or mood but at the same time captivating the always curious child’s mind. this season´s shapes and prints were inspired by alexander calder’s work. they follow the natural form of a plant, or a rock and then combined with geometries and colors. the result is catchy vintage flower prints and abstract graphics. cristina and the creative minds behind motoreta have thought about a FW season in cozy textured knitted garments and soft fabrics including our iconic silhouettes and contemporary shapes. blue, navy, black, brown, white, stripes, dots, geometry and organic forms to celebrate what changes and what stays the same in a child’s life.

q: what are your children's favorite pieces from the FW collection?

a:  all of the coats and sweaters, and definitely the yumiko dress.  honestly, it's difficult to pick a favorite - they love it all!

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