Molo Under the Same Sun

We always look forward to the styles Molo brings each season. It's one of our favorite kids and teen clothing brands, both because of their business ethics and their cool street-wear style. Each season they surprise us with fresh new graphics and unique prints.

molo pre autumn winter 2023 collection kodomo boston

Each of Molo's collections are inspired by the environment and brought together with a common theme. Their latest collection, "Under the Same Sun" was inspired by Danish painter Valdemar Schønheyder Møller who is known as the painter of the sun. 

 molo under the sun collection kodomo boston

The collection pays homage to the mighty and magnificent sun, which fuels all of us humans, animals and plants. We are all on common ground - our home beneath the sun. Molo picked to most beautiful baby blue for their styles this season. In contrast with the smiley yellow sun, these pieces are like a clear sky on a summer day. Your little will look like a ray of sunshine in this stunning flowy skirt and ringer tee.

molo under the same sun collection kodomo boston 

The sun and sun symbols are a recurring theme throughout the collection. Molo brings nature into play in so much of their styles. In this collection, layering is key. Pair thin wool with chunky knits, corduroy or fleece for a cool layered look inspired by classic hiking attire.

molo pre autumn winter 2023 collection kodomo boston

Think traditional Nordic knits with colorful patterns, quilted warmth and technical smoothness. It's never too early to prepare for colder months and this knit set is will be the perfect layering piece to throw over a base layer this Fall and to have on hand for those chilly summer nights. 

 molo pre autumn winter 2023 collection kodomo boston


Molo always keeps it so fun with their graphic tees and all over print crewnecks. Per usual, Molo created more awesome realistic prints. The monti sweatshirt and the rillo climbing tiger tee will surely be a hit with the animal lovers! 

molo pre autumn winter 2023 collection kodomo boston

 Wait, there's more! The molo rill sweatshirt features a classic molo all over print featuring all sorts of wildlife. If dinosaurs are more your littles thing, the raveno t-shirt will be their new favorite top. Per usual, Molo perfectly balances practical and fun kids clothes, we just can't get enough!


molo pre autumn winter 2023 collection kodomo boston

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