Mini Rodini's Going Wild in the West

“For this collection I found inspiration in 80s and 90s road movies
like Paris Texas, My own private Idaho,
Thelma and Louise, True Romance, Wild at heart…

City cowboys, horses, flannel shirts, t-shirts and jeans.
This collection is a Mini Rodini road movie
about when the cousin from the country,
west of the Mississippi River, feels the urge to go...
hits the road and ends up in the Big Apple.”

/ @Cassandra_Rhodin,
Founder and Creative Director
Mini Rodini's newest fall winter collection pays homage to the Wild West with playful horse prints, denim and traditional plaid, combined with an urban edge featuring bright colors and modern silhouettes. 
You'll also find the brand's iconic cat and roses through the collection tying it all together in classic Mini Rodini style.
mini rodini fall winter baby and kids collection



mini ordini organic cotton children's clothing
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